Partners and short presentations

In addition to the live demonstrations of our machining centres some of our partners will be showing their product solutions during our in-house event and can be contacted for any detailed information you should require.
Furthermore you can look forward to diverse short presentations on various subjects.

Excerpt of presentations on 7th and 8th May 2015:

  • Benefits of contactless tool calibration
  • Tool identification TOOL-ID
  • IO - Link - Industry 4.0
  • Workpiece and tool calibration
  • Latest generation carbide milling cutter
  • Benefits of synchronous thread cutting
  • TNC 640 in the process chain
  • Milling-turning with the TNC 640
  • U-axis systems with direct path measurement to produce high-precision components
  • Modular clamping system for 5-axis processing
  • Cooling system for modular outer turning and recessing operations
  • HSI milling cutter – cutting head can be used in a number of ways
  • Qualitative high-end tool mount – just a means to an end or does this influence costs
  • Tuning of tool machine via off-set gear
  • Amendment of Industry Safety Regulation: Effects of this alteration for machine operators