Thank you!

... to the numerous visitors who visited us at the EMO in Milan!

From October 4 to 9, we moved part of our production to the EMO. Our travelling column machining center VHC 2-3000 XTS - combined with a pallet terminal from Wassermann - machines VDI 30 mounts for CNC lathes. In the meantime, the VHC 2-3000 XTS has found its place in our own production.


AXA presented: the travelling column machining centre VHC 2- 3000 XTS in combination with a pallet terminal from Wassermann

The combination of our VHC 2 machining centre with the Wassermann pallet terminal has been presented at a trade fair for the first time. The AXA 5-axis moving column centre is equipped with two workspaces. The workpieces, which are automatically fed through the pallet magazine, are machined in the left-hand workspace. On the AXA rotary table RTA 4TF, these are clamped for the further process using a zero-point clamping system. After machining, the pallets loaded with workpieces are automatically changed.

Depending on the size and weight of the individual workpieces, 27, 54 or 81 pallet positions are available in the terminal. The maximum size of the workpiece is 550 mm diameter, 500 mm height and 300 kg weight.

The advantages of the AXA / Wassermann combination are clear:

  • Pre-setting of the pallet positions in parallel to production time
  • Significantly reduced set-up times and thus lower set-up costs
  • More spindle hours, resulting in greater efficiency
  • Significant gains in productivity due to automated infeed and unmanned shifts


By the way, with the combination of AXA machining centre and Wassermann pallet terminal, we're showing you a cost-effective way to upgrade your AXA machine economically!

Technical datasheet AXA VHC 2-3000 XTS


Technical datasheet Wassermann