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AXA Maintenance

Over time each machining centre will need some spare and wearing parts replacing. Only regular and preventative maintenance enables trouble-free, secure and long-lasting operation. Concluding a maintenance contract is the best precondition to attain optimal and performance-related maintenance.




Please contact us to receive further information or an individual offer for a maintenance contract.

Your contact:
Markus Bense
phone +49 2555 87-359

You want to arrange a maintenance schedule? Please contact:
Guido Heinker
phone +49 2555 87-334


  • Benefits of the Maintenance Contract

    Benefits of the Maintenance Contract

    • Regular and professional maintenance completion
    • Early recognition of malfunction risks with the necessary action to counteract these
    • Protection against machine breakdown
    • Maintain machine exactness
    • Maintenance for a flat fee: including travel costs and material
    • Long-term maintenance planning is possible
    • Investment security due to longer machine working life
    • Downtime reduction
    • Guarantee on exchanged parts being AXA original parts
    • Discount on any further required spares
    • Small corrective maintenance work possible within the service itself
    • No obscure contract clauses, contract can simply be terminated
  • Repairs


    Small repairs can be carried out within the maintenance work as long as this fits in the timeframe. More extensive repairs can be completed upon written assignment after the maintenance by our AXA service technicians.


  • Costs


    The costs for maintenance work are calculated for each individual machining centre. The following service is included in that maintenance flat-rate fee:

    • Technician travel and accommodation costs
    • Working time
    • Wearing parts (as defined in contract)
    • Small parts