Video gallery

AXA machining center in use - below you can see excerpts from the scope of our machines.
More video examples will follow.

AXA VHC 3 4000 XTS50 - clamping devices

AXA VCC 50 with tilting spindle

AXA VPC 45 DASK - processing NCG workpiece

AXA machines in use

AXA VPC series

AXA VCC 50 - processing of Hardox 400 work piece


AXA TMP - the solution for mold making


AXA VPC 2800 U

AXA gantry machining centre UPFZ 50

Turning and milling with the AXA VHC 50

Double ends machining centre AXA DEB

Double ends machining centre DEB 3/3

AXA VHC 3 with robot handling

Turning and milling in one clamping with the travelling column machining centre VHC

AXA VPC 45 DASK with double axis tilting head

AXA VHC 3-XTS with automatically indexing angle head

AXA VPC - loading with Kuka robot