VPC - Automisation

Advanced automation technology plays a major role in sinking production costs and protects employees from heavy and dangerous tasks. The complex movement sequences around workpiece loading and unloading and the right clamping technology choice are ideal candidates for automation as well as machining workpieces and process control. This is the only way for your production to benefit from the decisive machine added value. Minimal set-up times and flexible production shifts in unmanned operation create maximal flexibility.

Thus, modern industry robots today are a major part of automation solutions. Their enormous range, their sheer unbelievable mobility and their capacity to move large loads of over 1000 kg makes them multi-faceted and universally deployable and so, they often replace more complex and rigid pallet systems.

Automatically a flexible solution!

Further examples of use:

> VPC 45-DASK with double axis tilting head
> Clamping technology

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