EMO in Hanover

‘Uniqueness – made by AXA’
The individual solutions from AXA lead our customers to success. At the EMO in Hanover we demonstrated three different machining centres with different focus areas.

Travelling column machining centre VCC 50
The VCC 50 from the smallest AXA travelling column machining centre series will be presented with optional tilting spindle for an increased application spectrum.

Travelling column machining centre VSC 1 with XTS tool magazine
The models VSC 2 and 3 have already been equipped with XTS tool magazine in the past. AXA demonstrates at the EMO that the smaller VSC 1 model can also be equipped with this. The magazine, which can be extended flexibly by additional tool chains and systems, increases the machining possibilities of the VSC.

Gantry machining centre TMP
This 5-axis portal machining centre stems from our compact series and has been designed for users in the realms of high-end mould making for large-scale workpieces. The main application focus for the TMP is processing turbines, impellers, gear wheels and Pelton runners. The TMP enables simultaneous processing of large-scale workpieces with a load of up to 5 t and a swivel range of up to 2100 mm.

We have the right application technology for you, too. If you haven't had time to visit us, come to our headquater in Schöppingen and see for yourself: We invite you to take a tour of our operations where you can have a look at our production and assembly areas!

We are looking forward to seeing you!