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Processing of nailer housings (magnesium)

Machine type: VSC 1-760 XTS


Processing of nailer housings (hand tool)
Workpiece material: magnesium (extremely flammable)



5-side complete machining of nailer housings

Since magnesium is extremely flammable, a rapid outflow of magnesium chips must be ensured.



A robot loads the workpiece on the swivel rotary table and removes the finished workpiece by its double gripper.


Special feature:

Installation of a special argon gas extinguishing system
Sensors that are attached within the workroom detect indications of a possible chemical reaction. The working space is flooded with argon gas immediately.

Magnesium chips are rinsed instantly with large amounts of water from the work area in a closed chip conveyor to prevent accumulation or formation of lumps and to minimize the risk of chemical reaction..