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Travelling column machining centre DBZ

The tool changer is located behind the control panel
The tool changer is located behind the control panel
The plate changer is easily accessible from the front
The plate changer is easily accessible from the front

Be efficient!

High quantities, short set-up times - optimize your production by pendulum operation on our compact double machining center DBZ. The small space requirement makes our DBZ particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Main design

    Main design

    • Double place machining centre
    • Cross slides, travelling columns and spindle head stock are made from high-quality cast iron
    • Extremely rigid, static and dynamically well balanced ground frame construction
    • Casing according to current machinery directives, totally closed working area with no interfering contours
    • Total access to working area when doors are fully open
    • Excellent accessibility for maintenance and service tasks
    • Machine transport in one piece


    In addition, the DBZ can be flexibly extended, for example:

    • Through spindle coolant with filter system
    • Chip conveyor in slat-band belt, scraper belt or magnetic belt versions
    • Controllers either from Heidenhain or Siemens
    •  Rotary tables horizontally or vertically integrated, in 1 or 2 axes, combined with tailstocks, counterbearings or a further rotary table in gantry mode for clamping bridges.
    • Automatic doors
    • Clamping systems - hydraulic, pneumatic, magnetic or manual
    • Touch probes and tool touch probe systems
    • Active power monitoring, collision monitoring and complete process monitoring
    • Tool identification systems
    • Laser breakage control with tool measurement
    • Remote maintenance
  • Guideways and drives

    Guideways and drives

    • Hardened precision steel slideways mounted on manually scraped or grinded surfaces
    • Optimal guiding by extremely large guidance ratio and Turcite coatings
    • High rigidity, outstanding long-term precision performance and excellent vibration absorbing capabilities of the guideways
    • Excellent resetting and adjustability of the guideways
    • Alternatively with roller guides
    • Drives and guideways are protected set outside of working area
    • Ball screws in all linear axes
  • Tool changing system

    Tool changing system

    • Fixed location coded tool management enables better monitoring for the operator
    • Support of various tool holding systems such as SK, BT, HSK
    • Tool magazine is protected outside of working area
    • Placement of the magazine during machining possible
    • Tool change takes place behind working area cladding: no disturbing contours in the working area during tool change by the gripper or parts
  • Technical data

    Technical data

    Click to  open or download the technical data as pdf file.

  • Product brochure

    Product brochure

    For more information about our DBZ please have a look at the brochure. Click here to open or download the brochure as pdf file.