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UPFZ - machining on NC-rotary table

Adding an NC-rotary table for large, rotation-symmetric workpieces to the gantry machining centre enables further machining processes in just one setting. This increases machine flexibility and productivity and reduces unpopular auxiliary process times and sources of error by changing and setting workpieces.

The 2-axis tilting head multiplies the possibilities thanks to horizontal and inclined milling and drilling. Immerging the working spindle into the part for inner machining of the rings is even possible for large workpieces. Additional angle heads for inner machining can be implemented to machine smaller ring diameters. Complete machining has now become reality.

A firm and secure hold of the workpieces is thus an important factor for perfect results. Regardless, whether mechanical, hydraulic or magnetic: We find the correct clamping technology and hold your workpiece firmly in place.