Double-sided machining of pipes

Machine type: travelling column machining centre


Double-sided machining of pipes accompanied by the introduction of radial drill holes on the circumference


  • The pipes are deposited manually or by robot onto a pre-centring and then hydraulically clamped using centring clamps
  • Double-sided end machining using centring clamps and introduction of radial drill holes by means of a tilting spindle head
  • Use of an NC rotary table with 3-jaw power chuck on a separate linear axis for automatically rotating the workpiece into the machining position
  • Followed by clamping and drilling once again

Special characteristics:

Coverage of a large diameter range through the use of exchangeable prismatic jaws

Traverse ranges:

X-traverse range: 7000 mm
Y-traverse range: 900 mm
Z-traverse range: 1250 mm


Main drive (with 40% DC): 56 kW
Spindle torque (with 40% DC): 540 Nm
Speed range: 30 - 4000 1/min

Tool changing system:

60 tool places XTS

Rotary table:

NC rotary table RTA 4S-1000


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