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What does a MINI have to do with AXA?

Under the hood of every new electric MINI is a component that has been processed on an AXA VCC 1200.

Assembly of our VHC in time lapse

See the complete assembly of the VHC 50 travelling column machining center in time lapse - 66 days in just 4 minutes!
> Click here for the video

AXA in 1 minute

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit AXA in person, there is a quick tour of our operations. Click here for the tour.

ELT - The greatest eye of mankind

AXA is part of the new mega-project of the European Southern Observatory (ESO): the Extrem Large Telescope, ELT for short, with a main mirror approx. 40 meters in diameter and is currently being built in Chile.

Available at short notice

You are looking for a machining centre? And that as soon as possible? Take a look at our "offers".

Trade fairs

You are interested in AXA machines? Visit us or one of our sales partners at the following trade fairs. Read more...