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VPC with double axis tilting head

Equipped with a 2-axis tilting head, the VPC especially fulfils the requirements for highly dynamic simultaneous 5-axis machining. Referring to finishing machining as for mould making workpieces: this concept stands out in particular in its finishing in its utmost workpiece form and contour precision and thus sets new standards for the surface finish itself. Furthermore, the tilting axes contain a hydraulic clamp. Thus, the head can be used universally for various applications.

The tilting axes are stepless interpolating and can thus be tilted during the machining process. The whole head tilts here around the Z-axis while the spindle is tilted in the fork around the X-axis. A gantry elevation compensates possible construction height loss caused by the fork head design between the vertical and horizontal spindle setting. Guideways and drives have been designed for the largest increased accelerations and travel speeds for this version.

Technische Daten VPC DASK