Milling of rolled steel profiles

Type of machine: HSC


Milling of rolled steel profiles up to 8.8 m in length (lift masts for forklifts and high rack warehouses)


  • Standard travelling column machining centre with horizontal SK 60 spindle
  • Four tools in a pick-up magazine, consisting of an SK 60 milling cutter with counter bearing, each fitted with
    4 disc cutters of D = 500 mm
  • Hydraulic workpiece clamping device

Special characteristics:

  • Prepared for unmanned operation with automated loading and unloading
  • Identification of the raw workpieces lying on the conveyor belt by means of a camera system
  • Prefabricated parts are inserted into the clamping device and removed by means of a gantry loader
  • Automated clamping device for optimal workpiece clamping
  • High-performance chip extractor running in parallel on the X axis

Traverse ranges:

X-traverse range: 12000 mm
Y-traverse range: 600 mm
Z-traverse range: 525 mm


Main spindle drive (with 100% DC): 66 kW
Torque (with 40% DC): 3200 Nm
Speed range: 10 - 500 1/min

Tool changing system:

4 tool places SK 60