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Application reports

AXA machining centers are used in a wide range of industries and process a large number of very different workpieces. Find an excerpt from application reports on the following pages.


  • Successful through strong Partnership

    Successful through strong Partnership

    Machine Tool Manufacturer AXA from Germany is thus relying on partnership-based cooperation and is holding its in-house exhibition this year at the premises of its client Aigner Stahlbau-Verkehrstechnik in Austria. Aigner manufacturers exclusively on AXA machining centres and this cooperation therefore offers the ideal platform for a joint in-house exhibition with AXA. 

    In 1990 – long before this successful cooperation came into being - Gerald Aigner established the company Aigner Stahlbau-Verkehrstechnik GmbH in Bad Vöslau, Austria. Originally conceived as a repair workshop for agricultural machines, the operation steadily developed towards steel construction. Today this owner-managed company manufactures welded steel structures such as machine frames, supporting structures, machine parts, platforms, furnaces, flue gas ducts and much more.


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  • Custom-made Machine Tool secures contract

    Custom-made Machine Tool secures contract

    Customer satisfaction is the highest precept and means that a company will always be faced with new challenges. The company Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. is facing the challenge and invests constantly in mechanical production. But Halbach & Braun still faced a special challenge last year despite this.

    Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik, headquartered in Hattingen, focuses primarily on the production of mining technology. Established in1920, this owner-managed company now employs 45 members of staff. The company has also been active abroad since 1978 and it is now represented on the international market with 4 branches and/or partner representatives.

    Its core competence has always been in chain scraper conveyor and crushing technology for the underground long wall mining of coal. Parts are produced on two different machining centres by the manufacturer AXA for chain scraper conveyors, plough systems, primary crusher plants for surface and deep mining and gearboxes with a drive rating of up to 1.5 MW. The Halbach & Braun systems are used, for example, in underground long wall mining, in surface raw material extraction / in-pit crushing (note: stone crushers with a long feed conveyor and a large roller), in loading situations and in the processing of the raw materials.

    Last year Halbach & Braun rose to a particular, new challenge




  • Optimal Capacity Utilisation through Networking of the Machine Plant

    Optimal Capacity Utilisation through Networking of the Machine Plant

    Wächter & Wokan is counting on the greatest possible flexibility – and networking six different AXA machining centres in its own production facility

    Wächter & Wokan GmbH is an owner-managed family firm in its second generation. It was established in 1981 in Eppingen by Peter Wächter and Werner Wokan. Christian Wokan has been Managing Partner in his own company since 2007.

    Today Wächter & Wokan produces exclusively as a contract manufacturer in the areas of CNC machining technology, CNC tube bending technology, welding technology, pressing and sample and series production. Various materials are processed.

    If the focus was originally in the printing machine sector it has now shifted. The company produces for customers in the plant engineering, classical engineering and medical technology sectors as well as for tool manufacturers.




  • Zindel increases its manufacturing precision and flexibility

    Zindel increases its manufacturing precision and flexibility

    The use of a modern machining centre has equipped the medium-sized precision tools manufacturer for sustainable competitiveness and profitability

    Zindel Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH was founded in Zellhausen in 1981 by master toolmaker Jochen Zindel. He was one of the first to recognise that steel tools could be manufactured more precisely, more efficiently and more flexibly by means of electrical discharge machining (EDM). The wire-cut EDM technique quickly became established for the manufacture of steel tools. In 1984 the company moved into its present-day premises in Mainhausen, where 16 employees now work in the family business, which has been run since 2014 by son Timo Zindel and daughter Jasmin Zindel.

    At Zindel, special tools are manufactured flexibly according to customer requirements by a team of toolmakers, machining technicians and EDM technicians using CNC wire-cut EDM, milling and die sinking processes. As well as cutting, drawing and combination cutting tools, they also manufacture compression moulding tools for industrial powder metallurgy and pharmaceutical applications. These can be milled with a tolerance of up to 3 μ. The reverse engineering options available also mean that construction can also take place on the basis of individual prototypes, drawings or 3D models.

    Short response times ensure a lead against competition from the Far East